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Friday 27 March 2020

Interview Question of Automobile Engineering

    Question :- What is a self-propelled vehicle ?

    Answer :- A self-propelled vehicle is that vehicle in which the power required for the propulsion is produced in the vehicle itself.

    Question :- What is an Automobile ?

    Answer :- An automobile is a self-propelled vehicle which is used for the transportation of passengers and good upon the ground.

    Question :- Give some examples of automobiles ?

    Answer :- Examples of automobiles are car, bus, truck, Jeep, tractor, tempo, Dumper, scooter, 

    Question :- On what basis the automobiles are classified ?

    Answer :- The Automobiles are classified into following basis - Purpose, fuel used, capacity, Drive, suspension system, Number of wheels, wheel drive etc.

    Question :- Who built the first road vehicle propelled by its own power ?

    Answer :- In 1769, a French engineer captain Nicolas Cugnot built the first  road vehicle propelled by its own power.

    Question :- What is automobile engineering ?

    Answer :- Automobile or, automotive engineering is a branch of engineering in which we study all about the automobiles and have practice to propel them.

    Question :- What is the definition of lubrication System ?

    Answer :- Lubrication system is the admittance of lubricant between two surfaces having relative motion. By which we can reduce the heat and wear of moving surfaces in contact.

    Question :- How many types of lubrication system ?

    Answer :- Below are the types of lubrication system ?

    1. Wet Sump Lubrication

    2. Splash Lubrication System

    3. Pressure Lubrication system and

    4. Semi-pressure lubrication system

    5. Dry Sump Lubrication